A scholarship to support those under 40 in the Diamond Approach

Welcome! We are here to offer financial support for younger people who feel drawn to the Diamond Approach. In supporting younger students we recognise we are also supporting the sustainability and inclusivity of the school. We believe a more diverse and equitable school and community benefits everyone! There are four application rounds each year, the deadlines for an application are: 31 January, 30 April, 31 July, 31 October.

Together We Build Community

Our work is dedicated to creating opportunities for younger people to experience the Diamond Approach no matter where they are in the world or their financial situation.

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The scholarship offers worldwide financial support for students, under the age of 40 years old, who are part of or about to join a Diamond Approach group.

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Make a gift today. This fund is possible from generous private donations.

Your donations strengthen the youth fund, support the teaching, and help grow our community.


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“Whatever is happening at this moment, that is your life. The future is not your life; it never arrives. What is actually here is always only this moment.”

A.H. Almaas