The Diamond Approach Youth Fund is a new scholarship fund available to apply from March 2021, set up and managed by the Ridhwan EU Youth Council. It is made possible because of generous private donations and volunteers.

We are pleased to offer this fund for anyone in financial need, who is under 40 for in-person retreat groups. It is independent of any group and open across the school, no matter where you are in the world.

The ability for people to access the teaching and join the school in a committed way depends on many factors. Younger people may not always have the funds and income to consistently invest in their development or attend retreats in an ongoing way that is necessary to build a connection to the school and the work.
Our hope is to help remove barriers in accessing this spiritual path and to support younger people who can sometimes have less financial means, but just as much inner flame!
By lessening the socio-economic and cultural barriers that can keep a student body from growing and diversifying the fund also hopes to support the longevity and sustainability of the school. 
Scholarship applications will be available four times a year and can help cover school fees, accommodation and child care costs.
Learn more about the Diamond Approach path here