Our Vision

For every younger person who has the flame, the passion, the vision to be welcomed, no matter of financial means or variability. To encourage a greater sense of community and a more diverse and equitable student body which benefits the richness and sustainability of the school.  

Mission Statement

The Diamond Approach Youth Fund is being set up to invest into the longevity and future of the school. It aims to lessen the socio-economic and cultural barriers that keeps our student body from growing and diversifying. As well as to support community building and retreat cultures that are more inclusive for all students. 
The ability for people to access the teaching and join the school in a committed way depends on many factors. Younger people may not always have the funds and income to consistently invest in their development or attend retreats in an ongoing way that is necessary to build a connection to the school and the work. Community is also a factor which if in place can be a support for people through their many life transitions.  
This fund is taking a step forward in helping by offering a scholarship to younger students, assistance with child care costs, as well as supporting community building events. 
The scholarships will be open to any potential or existing student in their 20’s or 30’s across the world, without discrimination. While the fund supports younger students, it also recognizes that it benefits the whole school in having a more diverse, equitable and sustainable student body.