If you are a parent we want to extend a special welcome to you! Being a parent, bringing life into the world and becoming a guardian to another living being, is a sacred act. It is a profound relationship which is different to all other relationships and commitments in life. There is a deep bond of parental love and connection, protection and practical caregiving that demands a level of attention and care like nothing else. Also, beyond this individual personal experience of being a parent, there is a fundamental social and collective significance to parenting. It is literally “what makes the world go around”. We need parents, and we need children, and we reap the benefit of our devotion as “little” beings become “big” beings and start to have an impact in the world. 

To bring a child to a retreat can be a big financial stretch and quite a logistical undertaking. We want to support parents who need to bring their child or children with them on retreats to feel they are getting the right kind of support. Much of our work is oriented around looking at how we were impacted by our early childhood environment, so having more awareness of how, as a community, we support the environment for parents and children in our school feels important. 

The Diamond Approach Youth Fund has a separate scholarship for parents, which can be applied for on top of any personal scholarships. This is to help cover child care expenses when taking babies or children to retreat. This does not cover at home care at the moment. We also encourage any groups to start a daycare or child creche on site with a childminder or childcare providers who can offer childcare for all those who need it in one group. The Youth Fund will pay for half of the provision to match the Student Bursary fund matching the other. If this is of interest to you please speak to other members in your group and either apply as a group or if this isn’t possible apply individually here.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch: application@dayouthfund.org

Additional Note: If you are participating in the DIVe Seminary and need childcare support please get in touch individually, we would like to hear from you too!