Retreat Application

The fund is available to help pay for tuition fees, accommodation and child care costs for ongoing in person home retreats for students who need the extra support. There will be four rounds of applications each year; January 31st, April 30th, July 31st and October 31st.


Important change to the application procedure:

We don’t accept more than one application per student per application round anymore. We ask you from now on to apply only once in each application round in a cumulative fashion.  Please combine together all retreats you want to apply for in the current application round and specify the cost split in the text you provide to us acompanying your application (see textbox below).
Please apply for upcoming retreats only, not retrospective retreats which have already happened.
Further, we ask you to hand in applications no earlier than 6 months before the retreat takes place.


For the Diamond Approach Online retreat group please visit the DAO scholarship page here.
We are happy to announce that students of the ongoing DIVe program are eligible to apply for DAYF scholarships as well.
Please take the time to consider your financial capacity and needs, keeping in mind that we do not have unlimited funds and want to support as many young people as possible in the school. And we will never give 100% scholarships, some portion of fees need to be covered by yourself. That said, please do ask for the amount you feel you need! If for some reason you did not receive a scholarship, you are always welcome to try again.

Application Form for Retreats